Rebel Galaxy – Games of 2015

I always figured that there was a reason that I haven’t been able to fly through space very often in video games. That’s why the make or break moment for me in Rebel Galaxy was so simple – how does it feel to jump to lightspeed? Double Damage figured that out and then some. Point… Continue reading

Galak-Z: The Dimensional – Games of 2015

I actually don’t know how Galak-Z ended up on my list of games that I ignored all details about before release, but it just made my jaw go through more floors with each layer I peeled away in its design. You are immediately hit by the 80’s anime presentation that is so well done it’s… Continue reading

Star Trek Online Goes Free to Play with Announcement Trailer

Star Trek Online, the only MMO I’ve gotten a character past level 50 in, just went free to play this week. Sure, this is probably only exciting news to those of us who know what a warp nacelle is, but I’m ok with that. I’ve run into less douchebags in STO than any other online… Continue reading