Hey! Listen! Charlie Murder Soundtrack for the Punkocalypse

One of the most impressive and unifying features of Ska Studios’ games is the wicked soundtrack that James and Michelle Silva always put together on top of doing all of the game design and development. Charlie Murder has you playing as a punk band so it’s soundtrack particularly stands out and melts faces. Fans will… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Mega Man Soundtrack Collection and Its E-Tank Need to Come Closer

Capcom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mega Man by bringing together all of the music from Mega Man 1 through 10 in one package. A 10 CD set fittingly contained in an E-Tank. The catch is that the collection has only been announced for Japan so far. Maybe if enough of us allude to… Continue reading

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Double Disc Soundtrack Available

Say what you will about the original Halo: Combat Evolved, and I’ll tell you that the Anniversary Edition is coming out this week. I’ll also remind you that regardless of your feeling about the game, if you played it at all, you remember the music. The theme is iconic at this point so thankfully Sumthing… Continue reading

Nice To Meat You, Super Meat Boy 2 CD Soundtrack

Something glossed over in the platforming perfection that is Super Meat Boy, is the fact that the game has a flat out amazing soundtrack. The soundtrack has been available for purchase and download for a while, but now you have a the option of taking home the brilliant packaging of the 2 CD special edition… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Free Zelda Soundtracks

There are certain moments where the internet still makes me proud, when its full scope of usefulness comes to fruition. The most recent moment of internet perfection belongs to Zelda Informer. They have compiled the full soundtracks of every Legend of Zelda game.  Zelda fan site brings together all of the soundtracks from the series. These are… Continue reading