Game Curious The Swindle – Rob Me, Amadeus

Imagine that you’ve spent your entire life training for something and then you learn that those skills could become absolutely useless? I’m not talking about Liberal Arts, but the well-respected act of English thievery. Ah, the grace of breaking-and-entering. The beauty of hacking a computer hooked directly into a bank account. The majesty of hitting a robot with a… Continue reading

Gun Monkeys Game Curious Video: Aggravated Power Company Employees

Justin and Coop, deathmatch aficionados, take to the Gun Monkeys arena to see just how competitive platforming primates can be when given crazy weapons, bombs, and the insatiable desire for more power. This video is intended for a mature audience as our commentary is not kid-friendly: For more Game Curious and video content from Horrible… Continue reading

Privates Wins BAFTA Award for Secondary Learning

The British Academy of Film and Television arts has recognized the PC game Privates for its prowess in educating the masses on venereal disease and the hypothetical sweat equity involved with combating such issues. While the gameplay, consisting of leading small troops of STD fighting soldiers into people’s nether regions doesn’t seem like it correlates to a tool for… Continue reading

Privates May Not Pass Peer Review

In last week’s newest Horrible Night Feature, Reply to All, we covered the game Privates. In the game, developed by Zombie Cow Studios, condom-hatted marines dive in between the legs of a woman and fight off monsters. While not the most pleasant of scenarios involving a woman’s vagina, it definitely gets points for originality. However,… Continue reading