Podcast Feed is Moving Before Games of the Year [UPDATED]

Podcasts are set to return soon, but this will be the last podcast on this feed. See below for updated subscription links. After 300 episodes and a long hiatus, it’s time to retire our old podcasts. The good news is that new episodes are on they way, starting with our Games of the Year episodes,… Continue reading

Why We Write

Dear Readers, We took the summer off. It wasn’t expected, but it was probably needed. We were all pretty quiet over the summer, not having a lot of conversations and having our own very eventful lives to deal with. But we decided to come back. Why? We don’t get paid; we all have full-time jobs…. Continue reading

Your Podcast Feed is Moving

If you subscribe to any of our podcasts we are moving the subscription link. Please update as our old feeds will be going away in June. In order to simplify things for our subscribers and podcasts fans, we have moved all of our podcast feeds into one feed. This way as we add new shows… Continue reading

About Those Podcasts and Live Shows

If you’ve been following along with our livestreams, you may have noticed that we’ve been experimenting with a few other podcast ideas. You will see the debut episode of our new show, Top Video Game Podcast of the Week, next week as we welcome Cole Monroe back into our regular live show schedule. TVGP will… Continue reading

The Horrible Show: State of the Night 2010

Welcome to HorribleNight.com, your hosts Justin and Cole walk you through everything about the site and how you can get involved. Hear how the we started, how we approach creating unique content, and where we’d like the site to go in the future. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow It’s overdue, but with life… Continue reading

Horrible Night Content Guide Now Available

We seem to be developing our own language around HorribleNight.com with all of the subtitles for our series of articles. We have created this handy content guide to help everyone make sense of it all. In it you will find descriptions of our Editorials, Podcast terms, and Weekly content. We will be updating it soon… Continue reading

Communication and Order

Last week was a lot of fun as we got to introduce everyone to a few new members of The Cursed through some kick ass original content. We’ve been working behind the scenes at figuring out better ways to keep this site organized for new visitors and to improve the site for our current readers…. Continue reading