SimCity Finally Gets an Official Release Date

EA has officially announced SimCity will release on March 8, 2013 for PC and Mac. Though originally thought to be released in February, I’m quite happy with this news as I look forward to becoming overlord mayor of many “denisims of Atchville (trademark pending)”. EA hasn’t officially given a reason for releasing the game in March instead of… Continue reading

Gaming Lifestyle: Full-time Family Man, Part-time Vault Hunter

A challenge I’ve always struggled with since graduating college was juggling video games, career, and wife. In 2006, I added a child to the mix. As if my game time was hurting enough I added another child in 2009. On any given day I work 9 hours, eat dinner with my family, spend time with… Continue reading

Ubisoft Killing Its Always On DRM

I have to respect Ubisoft for its decision to retire the “always on” DRM software they’ve been using for some time now. When a company listens to its customers and realizes a change needs to be made and makes it, it shines a positive light. In a recent interview by Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Stephanie Perotti, Ubisoft’s worldwide director of online… Continue reading

E3 12: Third Party Party – The Cursed Checkpoint #e312d

All of the attention turns to the games of E3 2012 as Justin, Ethan, and Josh recap the Konami, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences. There are also plenty of other games to talk about outside of the conferences including the best looking game of E3. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on… Continue reading

You Fools! The Game is Smarter Than Me – The Horrible Show #308 Live

Video games are normally rewarding and entertaining, but there are those moments when they turn on you and make you feel dumb. Justin, Cole, Ethan and Josh are pretty familiar with that feeling and open up about some of their low moments in gaming. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: That’s Chump’s Intro Music!

Lots of business adjustments as the new quarter gets rolling and Bungie says goodbye to Halo while Fez finally gets a release date. We were perhaps too hyped for Wrestlemania while cooler heads wrapped up our monthly focus on Gamecations. Every day we are on the look out for the most interesting news items in… Continue reading

SimCity Returns in 2013 with Social Flow

SimCity is making a comeback! The latest installment of the “Sim” franchise is set to hit sometime in 2013, but details are sparce outside of some information regarding multiplayer and the mechanic called “Social Flow” which is said to allow players to change areas around them based on their choices. One thing that is pretty obvious from… Continue reading