The 2014 Grimmys: Indie Game of the Year

The best video game we played this year by an independent developer. Sportsfriends Sportsfriends allowed us to create some of our favorite gaming memories. We made new friends, damaged old one’s in the best way, and did it all over again with a different game in the package. There’s some great couch multiplayer here, but… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Day Five Awards

Our Games of the Year discussions come to their conclusion. Day Five awards locals, developers, musicians, and writers. Oh yeah, and a game of the year or two. It’s time to get stubborn and sell your opinions as fact like never before. This special episode is a part of The 2014 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Mobile Game of the Year

The best game we played this year on any mobile platform. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Hearthstone is too easy to play, not to play it. Not just because it’s the most accessible collectible card video game, well, ever, but because that game experience transfers so well between a desktop and a tablet. For most of us, it’s… Continue reading

The 2014 Grimmys: Day Four Awards

Gearing up for the final push our Games of the Year deliberations move forward. Day Four has its moments, looks pretty good, requires testing, is best experienced with friends, and goes mobile. Just don’t go opening your neighbor’s doors and it’ll be ok. This special episode is a part of The 2014 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of… Continue reading

Super Gaming Best Friends #401 – Five Dollar Subtext

Justin knows grinding is the most fun a gamer can have when faced with mutants or previous crippling addictions. Aaron loves his neighbors but will leave them to go catch them legendaries. Super Jordan doesn’t like the button configuration of your soul. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught… Continue reading

Justins Game #102 – Chief Dragon Shovel Overdrive

Justin and Justin return and finally have a console in common again. Justin convinces Justin that digital cards may be worth playing with. Justin enjoys the chief’s company. Justin draws a violent line with the help of Justin’s definitions. Justins Game – Lacey and Gifford try to convince each other of the right opinions about games. It never… Continue reading

Radio Waves for 04/19/13

April showers bring retro gaming. The releases have hit a bit of a lull, allowing one such as myself some time to catch up and breathe (when allergies and stormy downpours aren’t thinking otherwise). What better excuse to hit up some smaller titles that remind me of the days in my parents’ basement in front… Continue reading