Shiniest Objects: Hax On, Hax On

…And release. That was it. One week and it’s all over. Now all we have to look forward to is a helluva lot of games heading our way. In a non-traditional news week, we recap a few of the non-E3 stories. You can still check out all of our E3 coverage of featured games, daily… Continue reading

E3 11: Weekend Recap It’s All Over

Sure, E3 may have ended last Thursday, but there were still plenty of previews and news headlines throughout the weekend. This is our final recap of E3 2011 and our hats are off to the journalists out there still pumping out articles on their experiences with the countless games we can’t wait to get our… Continue reading

E3 11: Day Four Recap Featuring Final Impressions as the Doors Close

The final day of E3 is surely not the final day of E3 news. Interviews and previews were the new coverage of the day, but a few new trailers slipped out as well. While the doors are shut, we’ll be on the lookout for straggling headlines over the weekend for one more recap. News and… Continue reading

E3 11: Day Two Recap Featuring Nintendo and Show Floor Opening

Tuesday proved to be a bit calmer as far as the amount of new info and media that was pouring out of E3, except the info that did make it out, thanks to Nintendo, was confusing to say the least. All eyes were on Big N while the doors to the expo officially opened. Elsewhere,… Continue reading

E3 11: Day One Recap Featuring Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony

Admittedly, we are still digging out from the flood of media and press conferences of the first day of E3. With Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony all taking to the stage there was plenty of game action to get excited about and we’ve highlighted the one’s that caught our attention below. All of this and… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: It is Finished

It’s the end of an era, Duke Nukem Forever is a complete game which is probably worth celebrating more than whatever the game ends up playing like next month. There was also a couple of interesting resurrections in a Halo: Reach demo and Hellgate: London closed beta. Things are getting silly before E3. Here on… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Break Things

Hey Sony is back and better than, well, PSN is back, sorta. At least Microsoft decided to jump in on the fun and knowingly break some 360s while Warner Bros attempts to break Batman. I don’t think anything snapped on our site, but we did try to fix Too Human. Every day we are on… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: It Jumped

Brink fell onto store shelves while the biggest franchise around started teasing everyone all over again. We had an unexpectedly retro week on HN full of knights, robots, and aliens. Every day we are on the look out for the most interesting news items in the gaming industry. Some make it on the site as… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Massive Revelations

Troubles at Sony continue as announcements come out over two of gaming’s biggest franchises. I think Shepard would like a do over in the animus. We had a heavy browser based gaming week here on HN and wanted to thank Northway games for agreeing to Ethan’s interview, and we’d also like to thank Final Fantasy… Continue reading