The Summer Hype Hangover

Video game conventions like PAX and E3 mainly serve one purpose: to get the game buying public excited about upcoming releases. The fact that you can get hands on time with games that are currently in development helps to build a buzz for both positive and negative experiences. The bad thing about E3, for gamers… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: That’s Chump’s Intro Music!

Lots of business adjustments as the new quarter gets rolling and Bungie says goodbye to Halo while Fez finally gets a release date. We were perhaps too hyped for Wrestlemania while cooler heads wrapped up our monthly focus on Gamecations. Every day we are on the look out for the most interesting news items in… Continue reading

Aliens: Colonial Marines Do Not Have it Easy in Latest Trailer

While I love the Aliens movies, the series has not translated well at all to video games. Aliens: Colonial Marines has shown promise and has a competent developer behind it that has more than raised a furor with our resident Aliens aficionado, Justin Gifford. Even after yet another recent delay, his enthusiasm for the game… Continue reading

Case Your iPhone with Retro Gaming Goodness

There are a ton of options out there in terms of cases for iPhones, but none are as cool as the ones created by Strapya World. The site is carrying seven video game related cases in total. There are four Sega related cases (Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, and Puyo Puyo), two Final Fantasy cases (Final Fantasy… Continue reading

House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut is Just Trying to Save Up for Medical School

PlayStation 3 owners who love the House of the Dead series of light gun games but are  tired of scouring their cities for arcades can breath a sigh of relief as House of the Dead: OVERKILL will finally be available to them on October 25, 2011. The PS3 iteration of the game is an “extended cut” version with PlayStation Move support as… Continue reading

Captain America: Super Soldier Review: Avenge Another Day

I’ll admit it, I had my doubts that Captain America: Super Soldier would be able to overcome the negative reputation of set forth by most super hero games, let alone clear off the layer of filth that comes with seemingly all movie tie-in games. I’m happy to report that, by the end of my playthrough,… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! 50 Genesis Games Spoiled

Released on August 14, 1989, the Sega Genesis was the first real competitor to Nintendo’s dominance on the home console market. But seeing how Justin L and I were die hard Nintendo fanboys, we didn’t get the chance to play many of the games released on the Genesis. Luckily, the Fine Brothers are there to… Continue reading