Just 5 More Minutes: Sega Channel

Way back when, the console wars were dominated by Nintendo and Sega. I did own the original NES, and once the Super Nintendo came out I begged and begged my parents to buy me the SNES. Then, one fateful Christmas, I opened one of my presents to find Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football. I… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Shadow Dancer

When I first considered the ramifications of a huge, shadowy evil organization going on a rampage, taking over airports, city streets and bridges and then taking civilians hostage and strapping them with explosives just to add insult to injury, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team was number one on my speed dial.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken into account… Continue reading

Mail This: Quit Wasting My Time With Broken Collectibles

Dear Muse for Video Game Developers, It’s been years since the first time this little issue resulted in my first smashed Sega Genesis controller and yet you continue to shirk your duties in reminding your charges that fixing it is easily done, would keep thousands of controllers from wanton, senseless destruction and save literally hundreds of… Continue reading

Gameblox Working on Unofficial Kid Chameleon Remake

Brazilian developer Gameblox Interactive has released some concept art for their unofficial Kid Chameleon remake, showing off the protagonist’s new more  futuristic look. The social body armor that is the leather jacket, white t shirt and jeans combination has been replaced by some gear that screams “I took Back to the Future 2 way too seriously”. It doesn’t matter… Continue reading