Gaming Crushes: Game Character Fantasies are Dangerous

Society is full of a bunch of strange crap, but nothing makes me fear for humanity more than the weird stuff that people are attracted to. Just take a stroll through the red light district of the internet and you’ll find a fetish for everything. From grown men in diapers and life-size cribs to the… Continue reading

Hey! Look! A Month of Samus

Artist Chris Furniss has dedicated the month of July to Zero Suit Samus. He will be releasing a new Samus piece every day for the entire month. You can view the entire collection on the Wasabi Sunshine site and Chris has even made the work available for purchase on his Etsy shop. So far Samus has… Continue reading

Make It a Top 5 List

Imagine an obnoxiously prim, crotchety retiree who writes letters to the neighborhood association about the frailties of today’s youth, vehicles, and music. He’s in a zippered sweater-jacket, pressed dress slacks (even though it’s a stifling Saturday evening in July), he has a fringe of hair and a comb-over. His name is Richard, but he insists… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Metroid

When you live through an extreme circumstance with someone, it is only natural to feel a strong connection to that person. However, when that person turns out to really be the complete opposite of what you expected, like for instance a woman instead of a man, the memory of that time get seared into your… Continue reading