Gaming Lifestyle: Do We Buy Too Many Games? – The Cursed Checkpoint #124

Justin and Ethan have noticed that their game purchasing habits have gotten a little out of control. Heading into a heavy release season they thought it would be best to talk it out before they get in over their head again. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews… Continue reading

Castle Crashers On Sale On XBLA Until May 21

Castle Crashers has been one of the long-standing champions of Xbox Live Arcade, but recently it’s been met with some ferocious competition. The Behemoth decided that it would try to help those who haven’t purchased the game yet (which is still wildly popular) by slashing its price in half to 600 MS Points. You might be thinking, “I… Continue reading

Amnesia Leads to Stability for Frictional Games

It’s nice to see great news come out of such a dreary game, but Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been selling quite well for Frictional Games. So well in fact, that the company is now financially stable for the first time in their history. Sales of 200k have more than doubled their highest expectations and… Continue reading

Xbox Live Deal of the Week Times 6

Game deals happen every day, and Xbox Live deals happen every week. However when the Xbox Live deal of the week discounts not 1, but 6 games, it’s definitely worth writing about. These aren’t just a bunch of random throwaway titles either, these are some of the best games on Xbox Live Arcade. Take a… Continue reading