Torchlight II Reflex Review: Skillful Tweaks

I want to start this review off with a wee bit of honesty; I did not plan on purchasing Torchlight II. Not only that, but I actually stated on a recent Cursed Checkpoint that after putting so much time into Diablo III, I didn’t really need any more clicking, dungeon crawling or loot hoarding. Had… Continue reading

Torchlight 2 on September 20th for $20

While it was fun to speculate on the possibilities of Torchlight 1 and 2 both coming out before Diablo III, ultimately that didn’t happen. Runic Games has been putting the polish on Torchlight 2 for a better part of this year, but until today the release date has been hazy. Torchlight 2 will be available… Continue reading

Hey! Look! Real Life Combat Strategies for Torchlight 2 Monsters

I’m usually a big fan of Runic Games, but a recent announcement about Torchlight 2 has not sat well with me, and it’s time to speak out. As some of you may have seen, Runic offered up a preview of a few of the creatures that will inhabit Torchlight 2, but in their excitement failed… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Torchlight

There is a lot of evil just below the earth’s surface. I went wandering around a local mine, and didn’t come out for days. Seriously, I don’t think the thing ever ends, and every time I go in, it’s a little bit different. If I didn’t have other responsibilities I don’t think I would have… Continue reading

Torchlight II Announced and Won’t Fix The Diablo That Isn’t Broken

For those who couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into what could become yet another Blizzard masterpiece in Diablo 3, Runic Game’s Torchlight was a nice way to hold off the dungeon crawling withdrawal. Not content with just being a clone of one Diablo, the creators have recently announced a sequel that looks to do… Continue reading