Krater Continues to Grow with Co-op Update and More to Follow

Krater is a quirky little tactical RPG mismatch that I can happily say I quite enjoyed. Despite this, it had some flaws, but Fatshark, the team behind the game, has kept itself busy fixing and patching things since the game released. On October 23rd, fans of the post-apocalyptic Swedish adventure will get one of the… Continue reading

Torchlight II Reflex Review: Skillful Tweaks

I want to start this review off with a wee bit of honesty; I did not plan on purchasing Torchlight II. Not only that, but I actually stated on a recent Cursed Checkpoint that after putting so much time into Diablo III, I didn’t really need any more clicking, dungeon crawling or loot hoarding. Had… Continue reading

Guild Wars 2: Now Try This – The Cursed Checkpoint #123

Justin and Aaron didn’t exactly plan on getting sucked into Guild Wars 2, but the ArenaNet’s subtle changes to the MMO formula keep them coming back for more dynamic events, gorgeous landscapes, and weapon swapping adventures. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video game,… Continue reading

The Last Story Reflex Review: Keep Making These

Hironobu Sakaguchi has a history of naming games he creates as if it will be the ultimate game he has ever created. “Ultimate,” used as an adjective, means final or last. He used “final” when Squaresoft was on its last legs as a video game company and created Final Fantasy. Though his and Mistwalker’s latest… Continue reading

Torchlight 2 on September 20th for $20

While it was fun to speculate on the possibilities of Torchlight 1 and 2 both coming out before Diablo III, ultimately that didn’t happen. Runic Games has been putting the polish on Torchlight 2 for a better part of this year, but until today the release date has been hazy. Torchlight 2 will be available… Continue reading

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Recoil Review: Form Up

My first introduction to Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes was on the Xbox Live Marketplace in April 2011. I downloaded the demo, gave it a couple of hours of attention, and I never pulled the trigger on the purchase. This puzzle RPG by Capybara Games looked good, but I didn’t know if I should… Continue reading

Mists of Pandaria Intro Cinematic Lives Up to WoW

I don’t really care about your personal opinions of World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion Mists of Pandaria. What I do care about is bringing all sides together for something we can all enjoy and that is the release of a new Blizzard cinematic trailer. With Pandaria‘s release only about a month away, Blizzard presents us… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: What the Hell is a Maple Story?

I realize that everyone and their mother has been MapleStory-ing for God knows how long, but I’ve yet to discover the entire internet so don’t even start with all that pretentious BS homies! I’ll straight up slice your anus, I’ll do it. For those of you that have not had any sort of direct interaction with the über popular… Continue reading