Game Curious – Eldritch: Climb Up to Get Down, If You Want

Justin just can’t stay away from randomized holes especially ones filled with Lovecraftian atmosphere. The real question is how tempting will Eldritch make its holes to return to? This video is intended for a mature audience as our commentary is not kid-friendly: For more Game Curious and video content from Horrible Night: Subscribe to our… Continue reading

Rogue Legacy Game Curious Video: Heir Apparent

Rogue Legacy passes the joy of random dungeons/castles and permadeath to your children. Your children also have a few issues, some good, some bad. Justin keeps his heroic failure of a bloodline going long enough to enjoy one of the best indie games surprises of the year. This video is intended for a mature audience… Continue reading

Radio Waves for 12/07/12

I’ve died a lot this year. Hold on, let me clarify. Most video games follow a similar structure in that there are win states and fail states. A more accurate assessment is that I’ve failed a lot this year when it comes to gaming and that failure resulted in my avatar’s death. I’m talking about… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Exploring The Dungeons of Red Rogue with a Boney Pal

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Anytime I see the word, red, I think of blood. Anytime I see the word, rogue, I think of the roguelike genre of games.  The game Red Rogue happens to be a roguelike game that has blood in it, so it turns out my intuition isn’t quite as warped as I thought it was. Because of… Continue reading

FTL Video Reflex Review: Space Love/Hate

FTL: Faster Than Light by Subset Games sees the light of day due to the support of 9,818 Kickstarter backers. FTL is a Trek-like take on the roguelike genre. Watch Josh and Justin take the USS Dave’s Wife (commanded by Mr. Dave, of course) on an ill-fated journey through The Rock’s nebulas, and find out… Continue reading

The Lamb Shall Demonstrate Its Wrath on The Binding of Isaac on the 28th of May

The often abusive and yet fantastically addicting The Binding of Isaac is going to get a hot dose of expansion on May 28th with the arrival of The Wrath of the Lamb. The expansion, which will be available on Steam for $3.00 will include new enemies, levels and items, all of which will continue to fertilize your nightmares for years… Continue reading