Played Batman: Arkham Knight – Meaningless Car Metaphors

I kind of feel like a dick for how I’ve treated Arkham Knight. It has been subject to a lot of criticism from me throughout its development. That criticism comes from a positive place though. Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games of all time, if not just my favorite superhero game. Stop and… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: It’s Getting Humid in Here

Steam wanted all of the attention apparently as it stole all of the conversation this week. First with a big change, and then with the sale that everyone loves/hates. It was announcement week on Horrible Night with two events kicking off, but we also found time to offer plenty of advice. Last Week’s Headlines Valve… Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City Review: It’s the Bat

It used to be so much easier to review superhero video games. It was a well documented fact that you could count on all of them to be terrible. Then, Batman: Arkham Asylum came out of nowhere and not only immediately established itself as the greatest superhero video game of all time but entered the… Continue reading

In Gaming We Trust: What Exactly are Online Passes?

I posed a question on Twitter¬†asking my friends and followers “What do you love/hate about online passes?” The results I got were quite interesting. I was met with general distrust in online passes. I also encountered the occasional Twitter user who did not know what online passes were. The interesting thing is no one really… Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City Comic Mini-Series Underway

We are still several months away from the release of Batman: Arkham City (October 18th), but DC Comics is helping add to the excitement. A few weeks ago, the first of five companion comics was released, titled Batman: Arkham City (clever huh?). The comics lay out the story between the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum… Continue reading

Mark Hamill to Retire the Joker after Arkham Asylum 2

In a recent interview with IGN at the Cannes Film Festival, Mark Hamill has stated the his latest turn as the Joker in Arkham Asylum 2 will be his last. Hamill was reluctant to return to the role for the original videogame title, and even moreso for the sequel saying that he wanted to leave… Continue reading