L.A. Noire Review: Sauntering Deliciously Towards Perdition

You’re a soldier, told by your motherland that you’re defending it from the forces of evil. Despite the horrors of what you must do, you persevere in your belief that you’re fighting for Right; that belief is reinforced at every turn by the society you fight for. You emerge victorious and you come home. You’re… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Red Dead Redemption

America may be a melting pot, but the true flag bearers exist in a world of leather, blood and endless whiskey. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone on vacation, and seeing as I consider myself a modern day cowboy (subtract the relevant skills and multiply the sex appeal) I figured a trip out to the… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: What Makes an Evil Company?

Sometimes we need to talk about the companies that make the video games we love to play and this week’s REPLY TO ALL does just that. However, we aren’t talking about our favorite studios and production teams, we are asking ourselves: “What makes a video game company evil?” Colefacekilla When you mention evil game company… Continue reading

Red Dead Redemption Staff Cut Despite Massive Success

It’s safe to say that Red Dead Redemption exceeded the sales expectations of just about everyone. It is a massive experience that took years upon years of development from the dedicated team at Rockstar San Diego. Recently, Rockstar announced that 4 more packs of downloadable content will be heading to the title in the next… Continue reading

Remake It So: Body Harvest

Despite their reputation, I’ve never had issues with remakes or reboots. In an age of dwindling originality, I don’t mind seeing someone else’s take on a beloved series or a graphical upgrade on a cult classic. With all the push to bring these oldies back to the limelight, a stalwart of my gaming past has… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Why Aren’t Games About Winning Anymore?

This week’s REPLY TO ALL focuses on the fact that more and more games are becoming less about winning and more about collecting achievements/trophies. We examine that fact by taking a look at ourselves and how we play the games we buy, rent or Gamefly. This week’s topic was based on this article from Wired:… Continue reading