Sweatin’ and Snugglin’ – Super Gaming Best Friends #105

Maybe the cast has gotten too close recently because things really heat up for Josh, Justin, Ethan and JP this week as they discuss Steam boxes, SNES sports, lazy DLC, game difficulty and the start and end of Mass Effect to the point of making Ethan ill. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night… Continue reading

Horrible Night Out 3/9 – Extreme Enough at Net Heads in Indianapolis (Games Update)

We’d like to invite you and your friends in the Indianapolis and surrounding area to come out and game with the Horrible Night writing staff at Net Heads for a Horrible Night Out on March 9th at 8pm. RSVP on Facebook to guarantee your spot as space is limited. In addition to playing your Xbox 360 and… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Video Game Music is Better

Time to pay tribute to the best noises in video games, the music: What are your favorite video game soundtracks? Including any new updates to classic music by different artists. Want in on the weekly conversation? Every Wednesday we pose a question on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can answer from Wednesdays through Mondays on Twitter… Continue reading

Blizzard Retrospective: 20 Years Of Games

It’s time for a bit of a history lesson about one of the model video game companies in the industry, Blizzard. The retrospective video (which you can watch here) is quite long, but if you are a fan of gaming and more specifically, Blizzard, you will definitely enjoy it. Told from the perspectives of the… Continue reading