Harmonix and Rock Band are 100 Million Downloads Strong

When we last left Harmonix they had been sold off by Viacom (MTV) and become and independent studio once again. The rhythm game genre has also seen the temporary death of Guitar Hero, so naturally the future of Rock Band has been in question. Especially considering that Rock Band 3 is currently budget priced even… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Gaming Injuries

Every occupation or hobby has its hazards (football players blow out their knees and end their careers early; lawyers drink too much and die of cirrhosis, stamp collectors…okay, almost every hobby). Over the years, after plenty of competitive battles and awkward gaming accessories, gaming has had its dangerous moments. The Cursed gather to discuss their… Continue reading

Harmonix Goes Indie All Over Again

Harmonix, makers of small indie games like Dance Central and Rock Band 3,  is no longer owned my Viacom. Columbus Nova, an investment firm with over $2.0 billion in assets, has decided to purchase the developer. The one man dance party known as John Drake, went to the Rock Band forums to announce the deal:… Continue reading

Dance Central Review: Cranking That Poker Face

I HATE working out.  I don’t have a problem with actively participating in NOT working out.  Why?  Because the term “working out” bores me out of my mind.  The thought of running with no purpose or going to a gym and touching gym equipment that HUNDREDS of sweaty, smelly people before me have touched, only… Continue reading

The Horrible Show 11-17-10: What We’re Playing November 2010

There have been a lot of new releases this month, time to settle in and discuss what Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Christina have been playing. We dig into Black Ops, Dance Central, AC Brotherhood, Rock Band 3 without trying to be that guy. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow The Cursed podcast crew proves… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Fix Online Multiplayer: Part 2

Last week we focused on the social aspect of online multiplayer. This week our focus is centered on the state of downloadable content (DLC). Will a subscription based model appear in the future or will we still get map packs and extra content ever couple of months after a game is released? Read on to… Continue reading

Meanwhile… It’s Not A Stretch By Any Means

Meanwhile… we’ve actually been playing games. Each week we recap our recent gaming experiences and tell you what we’re looking forward to, so you can use your time more wisely than we have. It’s been a while since a game last took over the entire Cursed crew here at HorribleNight.com, but if you need us… Continue reading

The Horrible Show 08-04-10: Does July 2010 Matter?

Back in the present, it’s time to look at the headlines of the past month of July. Justin, Cole, and Ethan weigh the long term impact of Carmine’s mortality, Kinect’s pricing, the Zelda timeline, and our favorite NBA Jam catch phrase impressions. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow We’ve been living in the past…… Continue reading