It Doesn’t Matter: Remakes and Reboots are Good for Gaming

News recently leaked out that Halo 2 was in the process of getting an HD makeover, much like Halo: Combat Evolved last year. This rumor was, of course, later denied, but got me thinking about the benefits of remakes and reboots for a variety of reasons: They have been going on longer than we are willing… Continue reading

Gamecations: Classic Game Tourism Guide

There are a plethora of websites online that specialize in reviewing and rating vacation destinations. When it comes to taking a digital or video game vacation there are no useful resources to assist in planning, which is why I have compiled a small list of classic digital vacation hot spots that you may (or may… Continue reading

How About Sequels to River City Ransom and Super Dodge Ball

Last week, I read the fantastic news that Miracle Kidz will be releasing a sequel to River City Ransom on the Japanese WiiWare service this summer. I was immediately excited for the potential of a U.S. release to my favorite brawler of the NES era. However, I couldn’t help but think if you are already… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Favorite Game On The NES: Part 2

This week continues our discussion of everyone’s favorite NES game. Last week we went for mostly games everyone has heard about. This week we get into some strange, obscure and sometimes awful games that for some reason many of us loved. Mr. Pwrglove start us off. Pwrglove In terms of what brings people back to… Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Holds Your Attention Ransom

The quality downloadable titles just keep coming. We have a new trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, but don’t let the PlayStation branding fool you, this game is coming to XBLA as well this August. Right now the game looks like an amped up version of the classic beat-em up, River City… Continue reading