Night Force Action Report #105 – Khajerk Ride Along

Aaron returns from the cabin in the woods with plenty of loot and friendly demons. Ethan drives his truck to MOBA training. Justin tries to avoid killing his companions with Steam trading cards. Plus Cthulhu and the best food in the galaxy. Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game podcast where the… Continue reading

Testing Pods with Justin and Ethan – Live from the Cockwine Emporium

Our Tuesday show goes back to the drawing board, live. Ethan and Justin get caught up on the games they’ve been playing and discuss upcoming editorial ideas as well as a few game pitches. Help us name the show. This show was recorded live on Show Notes Cast: Justin, Ethan Topic Summary Off-Topic What… Continue reading

Reus Reflex Review: Intelligent Design Intelligently Designed

Reus caught my eye a few months back due to its charming graphical style but it was its unique take on “god games” that really sucked me in when I finally got a chance to play experience the title. Where as most of the games in this particular genre put you into the shoes of a powerful deity with… Continue reading