Played Trials Fusion – Not Safe

Trials Fusion came out a while ago but I only recently purchased the game on Labor Day weekend. I love the Trials series and this one looks better than ever. I’ve only played a few of the courses so far but it has already brought back the unhealthy competitive nature that you need to play… Continue reading

Playing It Right – Truck Racer Sandwiches

Maybe we shouldn’t fight nature, but trucks aren’t natural. When it comes to Truck Racer it wears its intentions right in the title. That’s adorable. We came here to break your trucks and your trucks obliged. Mostly. For more video content from Horrible Night: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Join us live and follow on… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Sega Rally Championship RC Cars

Some people go to tech events to geek out around their favorite hobbies. Others produce those moments that make us geek out. The Arcade Man is working with a team to produce one such geekout worthy project for an event in Portugal called Sapo Codebits. The team is taking an old sit-down arcade driving game… Continue reading

Remake It So: Extreme-G

While I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore racing game fan, I do dip my toe in the genre from time to time. I gravitate more towards the arcade side of the genre with the Burnout series being a particular favorite of mine. However, even this side of the genre has gotten a bit too traditional… Continue reading

Revisiting the Status of Wrecked: Revenge Revisited

Since I haven’t written anything for the site in such a long time, I thought it might be good place to start by revisiting the last article I wrote about the upcoming release of Wrecked: Revenge Revisited. At the time I was jacked up with excitement, anticipating a Q2 2011 release. As time moved into Q3 and… Continue reading

PAX Hands-on: SSX

The game is still months away from release, but my stomach is already queasy from the wild ride the new SSX has taken me on. After a rocky first impression back when the game was subtitled Deadly Descents, SSX has recovered by rediscovering its roots. As I turned the corner and noticed the SSX kiosk… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Super Mario Kart

Racing is a part of the American psyche. People spend thousands of dollars every year to follow their favorite driver around the country. It also has a huge presence on television with an entire network dedicated to racing. But what about the non-regulatory racing that is also out there? This is where I thrive and… Continue reading

Burnout CRASH! Gameplay is a Familiar Explosive Stranger

Burnout fans should breathe a bit easier when finally getting a glimpse of gameplay for Criterion’s upcoming downloadable title, Burnout CRASH! The perspective switch is still a bit jarring, but if you look closely, the crash mode Burnout fans loved is still there. However, Criterion isn’t done with their surprises. On top of the expected vehicular carnage,… Continue reading