Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Min Hero Tower of Sages Forced Responsibility on Me

Pets are a huge responsibility and because of this, one should think very long and hard on the prospects of actually owning them. The creators of Min Hero: Tower of Sages don’t adhere to this thoughtful approach to adopting animals as they fling you headlong into a life of caring for combat pets with little… Continue reading

Mojang and Bethesda to Officially Fight Over a Single Word in Real Live Courtroom

A few months back, Markus “Notch” Perrson (creator of Minecraft and head of Mojang Studios) spoke about the legal action AAA studio Bethesda was bringing against Mojang’s newest title Scrolls.  Bethesda created a game franchise called The Elder Scrolls which is an open world action RPG set in a fantasy realm. Mojang’s Scrolls (the assumption is that these scrolls… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Castaway 2

Grab your browser window, add a cup of Secret of Mana and a dash of Pokemon and presto, you’ve got the browser based action RPG Castaway 2 to help you kill time between trashcan basketball games. Castaway 2 tells the not so unfamiliar tale of a plucky young boy lost on a mystical island. Being that he’s not exactly sure how… Continue reading