South Park: The Stick of Truth Review: New Kid on the Block

Games based on television shows or movies have a track record of being doomed from the start. Considered quick cash grabs, they’re often rushed, under-developed and destined for the clearance bin of your favorite electronics retailer. That is what went through my mind when I first heard there would be a new South Park game…. Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Reflex Review: Going 88 Mogs Per Hour

In what seems to be an effort to right the wrongs of its predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII-2 continues the story of Lightning and friends mainly by the usage of time travel. It’s almost as if Square Enix is subconsciously trying to say they want to go back in time and make everybody happy the first… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: NBA Jam

The month of March is my favorite time of year. Not only is it my birthday month, it is also the month of madness. The NCAA tournament started yesterday and, with it, brought loads of excitement. Buzzer beaters, blowouts, and major upsets are a part of every tournament, yet if you aren’t properly prepared for… Continue reading

UGH! WWE All-Stars Tag Teams With Facebook

I don’t play or buy into the whole Facebook app thing. Frankly, I find them highly annoying and spammy. However, that didn’t stop me from clicking on the WWE All-Star Fantasy Warfare app. The main reason why I did so was to help all the other wrestling fans find out who the free DLC character… Continue reading

Japanese PSN Also Gets Chrono Cross. U.S. Shut Out For Now

Why do you do this to us Sony? If you offered up a game like Chrono Cross to be the prize for getting 20,000 followers on it’s Japanese Members account, why can’t you do the same for that account in the United States? Other regions have gotten some great Square Enix games from the past,… Continue reading

Uncharted 3 Rumor: Drake to Delve into Desert

Nathan Drake of Uncharted fame really enjoys going on exciting and often times very dangerous vacations, and its looking like his next trip may take him to the super sand festival known as the desert.  Kotaku reports that the same secret source that told them Sony would be revealing the third game in the Uncharted series in the near future also said that aforementioned… Continue reading

It Doesn’t Matter: Hatesgiving Day Parade

Every year around this time people who have websites such as ours come up with lists of things that they are thankful for in the video game industry. Seeing that I’m wholly unoriginal in every way I’m going to copy that idea but give it a good Horrible Night twist. I’m going to list the… Continue reading