Pitched: The Contra Movie

After witnessing the generally positive feedback that the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon trailer received, I came to the conclusion that the gap between my gaming generation and the one below me may not be as wide as I originally thought. The younger guys and gals seem to understand and approve of the style that dominated… Continue reading

Pitched: Resident Evil 7 Should Include the Ridiculousness of Resident Evil: Retribution

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After finally watching Resident Evil: Retribution on my flight back to Germany, I’m happy to report I’ve seen every movie that has spawned from my beloved franchise. While I’m not prepared to claim that the Resident Evil movies are anything more than visually sound SyFy channel originals, I’ve enjoyed my time watching them. That being said,… Continue reading

Pitched: Breaking Bad Chemistry Plug & Play Game

If you tell me that you aren’t the least bit curious about some Plug It In & Play TV Games at some point then I will call you a bold-faced liar and depants you. Every multi-generational gamer has seen a Plug & Play TV Game that has either brought you back to the retro nostalgia of yesteryear. The… Continue reading

Pitched: Matilda Returns

The true potential of a conversionist can be measured by his/her ability to transform a beloved franchise into something vastly different from its original source material. Being that I hated the movie but dealt with super fans of it for years, I decided that Matilda needed the Ethan Moses magical dusting and an introduction into… Continue reading

Pitched: The Altered Beast Movie

There are a ton of games out there that could easily be made into palatable movies, but I wanted to start big while at the same time resurrecting a franchise that essentially shaped my adolescent life, so I went with Altered Beast. Why Altered Beast, you may ask? Well, before I punch you in the… Continue reading