Deep Silver Offering Treats to PC Gamers Affected by Broken Dead Island Downloads

Anyone that purchased the PC version of Dead Island on launch day is probably well aware of the fact that the game was not exactly the breathtaking piece of art that last year’s trailer made it appear. This may have been because the trailer went for drama when the game was mostly visceral action or… Continue reading

Patch Kinda Sorta Maybe Helps Elemental: War of Magic?

When people think of broken gaming as of late, they often refer to Fallout: New Vegas, but a highly anticipated strategy game also showed up for its first day of school in a dirty ill fitting outfit as well. Elemental: War of Magic had a variety of issues, from extremely stupid AI to a confusing… Continue reading

The Shattering Patch Arrives in the World of Warcraft

By name alone, patch 4.03a, seems like just another update to the World of Warcraft. This is no ordinary patch though, this has been dubbed “The Shattering” and Azeroth will never be the same after patch arrives this week. ¬†This patch is to prepare the live servers for the arrival the Cataclysm expansion which literally… Continue reading