Level 2. Ready? Start!

The movie Alien, in addition to employing classic Gothic horror tropes for its terror, used men’s fear of pregnancy as one of the primary disturbing motifs that have made the movie a classic in the horror genre (the only thing sci-fi about that movie is that it’s an ‘alien’… although, so is an infant). Just… Continue reading

Top 3 game types for young gamers

I recently wrote an article about playing Turtles in Time with my son. It was fun to watch my 4 year old navigate the screen, fighting foot soldiers with his tongue hanging out half the time as he concentrated. It got me thinking: What game types would be best for teach a kid how to… Continue reading

Parenting a Gamer: Xbox 360 Console Safety Settings

Navigating game ratings may be confusing for parents especially when there are so many different games your children may be interested in. I took some time to provide a simple guide on console settings for your Xbox 360 to assist you when you’re not there to ensure your children are playing appropriate games.