News and… Dracula’s SNES

Looking at the photos of this ridiculous custom SNES, I couldn’t figure out how/if the console worked underneath all of that intricate Castlevania goodness. After checking out the artist’s (Vadu Amka) in progress video though, I’m just wishing I could turn my console on using a skull. That should come standard in all consoles really. Digging… Continue reading

Horrible Night is Heading to the Louisville Arcade Expo

The word arcade brings back fond memories to the gamers of yester year, memories of a time when high score supremacy was dictated by a handful of quarters and the ability to find a ride to the local mall. While it’s nice to be able to play from  the comfort of your own home, there’s nothing quite like getting… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Official Pac-Man Clothing Line

Every season, a fashion house comes up with a theme and makes clothes to fit that theme. That being said, Japanese clothier Varosh has teamed up with Namco Bandai to bring a Pac-Man clothing line to stores. As part of their “Electric Night” theme, Pac-Man will be adorning boxers, shoes, ties, shirts and even rings…. Continue reading

Meanwhile… That Tickles

Meanwhile… we’ve actually been playing games. Each week we recap our recent gaming experiences and tell you what we’re looking forward to, so you can use your time more wisely than we have. Back to our old problem of too many games to play. But we’ve been here before, we will beat this, eventually, maybe…. Continue reading

Fluid Goes All Indie On Pac-Man

It’s hard to question the perfection of the original Pac-Man, but Fluid on Xbox Live Indie Games has taken the addictive dot-collecting mazes and added plenty of features to get your competitive juices flowing. The 30+ levels have been broken up into small trial friendly mazes to keep you coming back to top your friends’… Continue reading