Game Time 5914: Killer Greenskeepers Fight Insane Robot Builders

I’m bouncing back and forth between Hotline Miami and BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2 at the moment. Hotline has been one of my goto games if I just want to play something for a few minutes. I’ll knock out a mission and then leave. After seeing the trailer for Wrong Number, it made… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Award Selections Part 2

Some of the games of 2013 deserve more than just a participation trophy. Justin, Ethan, Aaron, Coop, and Jordan settle in for a five part deliberations to hand out The 2013 Grimmys. This round we look at 2012, horror, characters, and failures. This special episode is a part of The 2013 Grimmys, Horrible Night’s game of the… Continue reading

The 2013 Grimmys: Best Digital Butt

Every character has assets, but some assets stand out every single time this character graces the screen. This character can come over to play any time. Lara Croft’s Hair – Tomb Raider Lara Croft has always had assets that have brought countless gamers to their knees. This year, though, her hair was solely responsible for… Continue reading

Wizardtrain187’s Games of The Year 2013

2013 has been a strange year for me for gaming. I’ve found myself especially distracted by Steam Early Access and other programs that allow me to play games in their alpha or beta stage, thus my time with full releases has been somewhat limited. Additionally, I found myself anticipating releases more than actually playing those… Continue reading

Top Video Game Podcast of the Week #114 – Bump in the Dark

Cole loves his RPG’s, but Ys may have been the missing letter all along. Justin descends deeper into Amnesia, and may like it a bit too much. Plus two new screen for the Vita, don’t complain about sharing, and unnecessarily sexy snipers. Top Video Game Podcast of the Week – The interactive weekly gaming updates… Continue reading

Night Force Action Report #112 – Shut It Down

Horror games attack early September. Jason and Ethan seek shelter in a new Minecraft server that has its own enemies. Justin tries to bond with as many Brothers as he can find. Plus the HN Rescue Squad saves the day and let’s really fight a Sentinel. Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game… Continue reading

The Horrible Gamer #018: The Emotions are Exhausting

The rest of the HN staff has been giving me a really hard time about my inability to finish games this year. I’m not making excuses, but my gaming habits have certainly changed in 2013 alongside our increasing amount of livestreams. I will agree, I have blown a few opportunities to finish a few of… Continue reading

Outlast Review: Can’t Keep It Up

I was unbelievably nervous the entire day before Outlast’s release and my subsequent livestream of the game. From everything I’d heard, it was being heralded as a GOAT in the horror genre which meant it had the capacity to scare the poop directly out of an unsuspecting player’s bowels and ruin both their reputations and… Continue reading