Hey! Listen! Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin by OCRemix

I’d say Overclocked Remix made good on its first Kickstarter. In raising over $30,000 to pay for licensing fees and live musicians, it was able to put together its most epic album yet. The end result is a tribute album to Nobuo Uematsu’s classic Final Fantasy VI soundtrack. It’s breadth is only equalled by its… Continue reading

OCReMix Album Commemorates 25 Years of The Legend of Zelda

While Nintendo did right by having an orchestra perform the music from The Legend of Zelda for the series’ 25th anniversary, there’s nothing quite like fans doing right by one of gaming’s greatest franchises. The indie video game music community has come together for the album and OverClocked ReMix has stepped up to publish the 25th Anniversary Zelda… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! OCRemix Remixes Super Dodgeball Soundtrack

The OverClocked ReMix community is at it again and this time it’s the Super Dodge Ball soundtrack that benefits from their incredible talent. With over 19 songs and 25 artists the Around the World album is about as diverse as the U.S. Team’s world championship run in the game. No seriously, they remixed each stage… Continue reading