Horrible Video Game Podcast #105 – Tearful BJ

Guest Justin has taken care of the Nazis and runs home to Nathan Fillion before rebuilding his family. Host Justin wants him to fight the Predator with lies and trivia questions. Plus the right way to play with action figures. Horrible Video Game Podcast – Justin wants to know what his guest has been playing and has… Continue reading

Deadpool Game Curious Video: Now I Hear Voices in My Head

Deadpool and all of the voices in his head definitely makes a memorable first impression. Deadpool and all its gameplay? Not so much. Justin fights through generic action sequences in hopes for video game redemption for the Merc with a Mouth. This video is intended for a mature audience as our commentary is not kid-friendly:… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Nolan North Really Does Do Every Voice of Every Video Game Character

There’s a strong possibility that even if you are familiar with Nolan North as the man behind the voice of Nathan Drake, that you have no idea just how often you have heard his voice work. I actually try and keep tabs on him and was floored to find out he voiced my favorite character… Continue reading