Night Moves Issue 6: We Fixed, the Glitch

It isn’t always us, sometimes the games are just weird or exhibit weird behavior. Whether intentional or not, we were caught off guard more than a few times. If it keeps being this entertaining though, we are just going to try to break the game more often. We’ve been having a damn good time livestreaming of… Continue reading

Night Moves Issue 5: Funny Thing About Fear

The difference between confidence and ignorance isn’t really noticeable until it’s too late. Chances are if you are fooling yourself you are fooling your adversaries long enough to stay on top, assuming you survive long enough to face them, that is. We’ve been having a damn good time livestreaming of our gaming sessions and interacting with… Continue reading

Night Moves Issue 2: Look Where You Are Going

The lesson of the week is quite simple: while we may consider ourselves video game bad asses, we have no business going at it alone, no matter what “it” is. We do not possess the simple survival skills to understand our environment which results in a lot of confusion, screaming, and often, player death that… Continue reading

Night Moves Issue 1: You Call These Highlights?

We’ve been having a damn good time livestreaming more of our gaming sessions lately and interacting with those of you have made it into chat or joined in the game itself. If you haven’t been able to make it or even if you have, we’ve started posting highlight videos (depending on your perspective) multiple times… Continue reading