EA Gets “Tuck Rule” Victory Over Madden Designer Courtesy of CA Northern District Court

I have not and will not claim to be an expert in Intellectual Property law. I’ve never passed the patent bar and, frankly, IP attorneys tend to be a little…strange. With that disclosure of a lack of practice-area expertise, I’m having a hard time with District Judge Breyer’s conclusions in granting EA a reprieve from… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Likeness Controller

Don’t get me wrong, EA Sports has done plenty of shady business in regards to utilizing the likenesses of athletes, but let’s not pretend like the NCAA has anything figured out about how to handle the marketing of its players, either. EA is smart to get out of the college game market until that is… Continue reading

EA Class Actioned by Retired NFL Players

In a move that shouldn’t be surprising to anybody, 6000 retired NFL players are suing EA for using their unlicensed likenesses in Madden NFL 09. Recent versions of Madden have included some of the most historic teams in NFL history, and the way EA got around having to pay the retired players was to jumble… Continue reading