How You Play the Game: One Assassin You Can’t Predict

With my target identified I rubbed my fingertips over the end of the hidden blade inside my sleeve and move silently through the crowd. Instead of working against the grain I followed a crowd of people hoping they’d take me to my target without him noticing me. Suddenly my friendly cloaking device of people shifted… Continue reading

Starhawk Beta is Live and Release Date Announced

Multiplayer fans on the PS3 got a galactic treat last week when the Starhawk beta opened up to the public. Sony also announced the release date for the game itself for May 8. A sequel to the popular Warhawk has players engaging in intense multiplayer third person shooter action on the ground and vehicular combat that… Continue reading

Battlefield 3 Review: Don’t Go to War Alone

Electronic Arts came out swinging with some great marketing to highlight the new Frostbite 2 engine behind Battlefield 3 as well as taking shots against that “other shooter.” For the most part, Battlefield 3 delivers on a frantic multiplayer experience complete with explosions, vehicles and intense graphics, but the single player campaign doesn’t quite feel… Continue reading

Hey! Play! PoleRiders

I was recently approached by our own Joshlee Dot Com about partaking in a bit of “pole riding” after we finished up a live podcast.  It was late in the evening and I was too tired to resist, so I agreed to the activity despite not knowing what it was (Joshlee Dot Com has trusting eyes and… Continue reading

Brink Review: On the Verge of Fun

With all of the time I spent with the developer Splash Damage’s two Enemy Territory games, Wolfenstein and Quake Wars (and the exemplary job it did refining and improving on the formula between the two games), Brink‘s lineage was obvious enough to get me excited to see what the next iteration would have in store. Like its predecessors,… Continue reading

No Bigots Are Safe

Recently, there has been a lot of talk in my hometown paper about a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage that is currently working itself through the Indiana statehouse. (Same-sex marriage is already illegal by statute in Indiana, by the way). I’ve been disgusted by the letters that community leaders have written in support of… Continue reading