Gaming Lifestyle: You’re a Gamer? – The Cursed Checkpoint #122

As far as video games have come, gamers still find themselves on the defensive about their hobby. Brandon, Justin, and Cole discuss how they explain gaming to non-gamers and discover truths and opinions about why they are asked those questions. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a… Continue reading

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters Movie Screenings Coming to Indy Film Fest

Most notable video games have their champions. The true arcade classics are even known to have active leaderboards and high scores getting toppled on a yearly basis. However, when it comes to arguably the most played video game of all time, Tetris had gone two decades without a true master. Horrible Night is proud to… Continue reading

Indie Game: The Movie Available on June 12th through Steam, Too

Shortly after the Indianapolis screening last week, Indie Game: The Movie announced its plans for physical and digital distribution of the film. June 12th is the release date of not only the DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, etc versions, but there are a few other surprising options for fans of digital downloads. The first breakthrough option is… Continue reading

Movie Screening in Indy to Save Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Updated)

Update The movie starts at 7:45pm not 8:10 as previously expected. The time has come for Indianapolis to #SaveScottPilgrim. We invite everyone in the Indianapolis area (and beyond) to come to a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs The World on Thursday, Aug 26. RSVP and stay up to date with event details on the Facebook… Continue reading