Xbox Owners to Start Gunstacking this Fall with Serious Sam Double D XXL

Everyone remembers that iconic scene in Aliens when Ripley duct tapes a flamethrower to a pulse gun in preparation for a face off against the queen xenomorph right? You thought that was pretty awesome didn’t you? Now imagine if Ripley decided that two guns wasn’t good enough and decided to combine 5 different weapons to her self-contained arsenal. If that… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Game Type, The Most Sarcastic SHMUP 80 Points Can Buy

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Media Ball was conceived as the perfect aggregate of all things entertainment. It’s creators (who are now dead) even went as far to coin the now infamous Media Ball catchphrase “It does it ALL”, ignorantly underestimating their cybernetic sphere’s capacity to truly do it all. What started out as a platform for games, music, social networking and popular shows like “Single… Continue reading

Can You Find Game Type on Xbox Live Indie Games?

Mommy’s Best Games, developers of Serious Sam Double D and Shoot 1UP  “who strive to deliver games that push the edges of the medium through gameplay, art, satire, and pie,”  is thrilled with the new Xbox 360 dashboard update. While the Xbox Live Indie Games store itself is a bit buried, it seems as though Microsoft has been helping… Continue reading

Serious Sam: Double D Reflex Review by Serious Sam

A shot of whiskey, 3 cans of Red Bull and a rare T-bone steak, the breakfast of champions. You’re probably eating oatmeal or Kashi while you read this, which is a great start for a teacher or mid-level corporate executive but would barely carry you through the first wave of monsters that I deal with… Continue reading