Game Curious Brutal Doom v20 – Giddy with Gore

The Doom mod community is ridiculous. Best encapsulated by the fact that there are now 20 versions of Brutal Doom which is the only recent mod I’ve played and therefore my favorite. The addition of death throes, dismemberments, modern weapons, and modern FPS controls make Doom feel like new again. So much fun my face… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Take a Selfie in Doom

  What’s one way to update a 20+ year-old game that really captures the essence of the 2010’s? If you thought Doomguy was missing a selfie stick, then what the hell is wrong with you? Also, I’d like to thank the creators of the InstaDoom mod for making that a reality because I immediately want to go do some… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Animal Crossing’s The Villager Goes Medieval in Skyrim

I’d be really curious to see what the cross-section of Skyrim fans and Animal Crossing fans looks like. I’d have to guess it has to be someone like myself because witnessing a trailer for the The Villager mod in Skyrim made me laugh harder than even that ridiculous Macho Man dragon. Everything starts off nice… Continue reading

DayZ Standalone “Has to be Out Before the End of the Year” says Creator

Every time we think the zombie video game genre is getting a bit too crowded, some developer comes along and gives us a slightly different flavor. DayZ may be the most successful zombie mod ever and certainly captured our attention at its brilliant premise as a realistic open world zombie experience. Recently, Bohemia Interactive announced… Continue reading

DayZ Standalone PC Game First Before Considering Consoles

DayZ has been an incredibly productive and heralded mod to Arma II, and it’s been given the green light to become a standalone game. Recently at Gamescom, DayZ creator Dean Hall was asked if the game could find itself on consoles. He’s not jumping the gun quite yet, and his focus is on the PC release. “I think it’s… Continue reading

You’re Hired! Mojang Picks Up Minecraft Mod Makers

Don’t you just wish that your favorite game developer or producer would one day realize your excellent ideas which would take their wildly popular game to the next level and hire you? I’ve had those visions. Unfortunately, no one’s ever taken me up on my co-op RPG adventure about a cat and a dog who… Continue reading

Skyrim Creation Kit Coming Soon

Hold on to your Ancient Nord Helmet, the Skyrim modding scene is about to blow up. Bethesda just dropped a trailer (above) and some new info for the upcoming release of the Skyrim Creation Kit. The Creation Kit comprises the same suite of tools that the developers used to create the world and quests of Skyrim. A… Continue reading

Skyrim Mods Don’t Have to Be Classy

I’d love to review The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but I’m struggling to actually finish any semblance of a quest so I thought instead of that, I’d look at all the different ways that the modding community has worked to make the pants poopingly awesome game even better. PC Gamer already did their 10 Best… Continue reading

Nyan Cat Redeemered

Do you like cherry Pop Tarts? Do you like kittens? Even if you answered yes to both of these questions, chances are you still hate Nyan Cat. Haven’t seen this hell-spawned video? Here let me link it for you. Ok, now, wasn’t that annoying? If you didn’t spoon out your eyeballs and jam No. 2… Continue reading