Gaming Lifestyle: Losing It All (Digitally)

I was 15 and deep in the throes of my EverQuest addiction… I was participating in my very first raid on the Plane of Hate, a high level dungeon that was insanely hard at the time and required 30+ people. The raid went sour as they often do; poor leadership, excessive greenhorns (like myself), and… Continue reading

Marvel Heroes: Because You Should Not Dungeon Crawl Without Superpowers

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Fans of clicking on enemies until they explode had a pretty damn good 2012. The thing about it though, is even if the quality of releases were better than ever, the flavors aren’t too varied. Take what you love about your favorite fantasy-based dungeon crawling experience and throw that into the Marvel Universe. Still interested?… Continue reading

The War Z Preview: Surviving The Apocalypse One Teabag at a Time

I’d been walking for what seemed like hours before I saw another human being. He barely stood out amongst the packs of undead that slowly roamed the parking lot of a long abandoned resort town, his apprehensive search of a dumpster the only thing that differentiated him from the hordes. In the movies this would… Continue reading

Planetside 2 to Ruin Thanksgiving for the Families of American Gamers

It’s official, Planetside 2 will be launching on November 20th of this year. Hurray! While this is certainly great news for fans of the series, I can feel a collective groan coming on from the kinfolk of aforementioned gamers as the glorious celebration of Thanksgiving will now most likely turn into a very rushed affair. No dilly-dallying… Continue reading

Guild Wars 2: Now Try This – The Cursed Checkpoint #123

Justin and Aaron didn’t exactly plan on getting sucked into Guild Wars 2, but the ArenaNet’s subtle changes to the MMO formula keep them coming back for more dynamic events, gorgeous landscapes, and weapon swapping adventures. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video game,… Continue reading

Mists of Pandaria Intro Cinematic Lives Up to WoW

I don’t really care about your personal opinions of World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion Mists of Pandaria. What I do care about is bringing all sides together for something we can all enjoy and that is the release of a new Blizzard cinematic trailer. With Pandaria‘s release only about a month away, Blizzard presents us… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: What the Hell is a Maple Story?

I realize that everyone and their mother has been MapleStory-ing for God knows how long, but I’ve yet to discover the entire internet so don’t even start with all that pretentious BS homies! I’ll straight up slice your anus, I’ll do it. For those of you that have not had any sort of direct interaction with the über popular… Continue reading

Don’t Be That Guy: MMO Hollywood Hero

I heard her before I saw her, a bevy of frantic gunfire drawing my attention to a thin brunette amidst a swarm of giant moth-like creatures. She was outgunned and outnumbered, mere seconds from her doom. That wasn’t going to happen though; not on my watch. I took aim and fired, the creatures suddenly taking… Continue reading