Space Pirates and Zombies 2 Announced with Extra Beef and Trailer

I really liked Space Pirates and Zombies, so much so that I decided I’d harass the creators for one of the first interviews I did on our site. What I found out was that not only were they incredible developers, they were extremely nice guys as well, providing us with some Steam codes for SPAZ to… Continue reading

24HCGC Video Highlights Part 1: The Story and The Sponsors

Each day this week, I will be revisiting A Call to Gamers 1st 24 Hour Charity Gaming Challenge (24HCGC) for Child’s Play through our video highlights currently available on our channel. We started a 24 hour video game marathon for Child’s Play on the night of October 14th, and livestreamed as much of the action… Continue reading

Help Kids, Get a Chance to Cleanse the Universe of Intergalactic Zombies

Even though the satisfaction of helping others is reward in and of itself, Andrew and Richard from MinMax games wanted to do their part to get the word out about our A Call to Gamers: 24 Hour Gaming Marathon Challenge for Child’s Play and graciously donated Steam codes for us to give away during the event… Continue reading

Two Guys, One Space Pirate Game: An Interview with SPAZ Creators MinMax Games

Tandem bicycling, piggy back rides, three legged races, all activities best suited to the combined efforts of two individuals. You can add game development on an epic scope to that group of activities as MinMax Games, creators of the newly released Space Pirates and Zombies, shows that two dedicated Canadians can make a game that’s… Continue reading

Space Pirates and Zombies Reflex Review: Cold, Dark and Fun

Before you even begin tossing zombie obsession allegations at me, let me be the first to say this isn’t a zombie game, or at least not in the conventional sense (and yes, I am zombie obsessed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be somewhat objective). Yes, there are zombies and they do function in familiar… Continue reading