Ethan Force Action Report: The Writtenization of a Podcast

We’re taking a break from Night Force Action Report this evening so instead of sharing my week of gaming and opinions through spoken word, I’m writing it down on electronic paper. Passive Aggressive Birthday Gifts/Review Requests I got quite a few games this past weekend from the entity that is Horrible Night’s EIC Justin Lacey…. Continue reading

Night Force Action Report #112 – Shut It Down

Horror games attack early September. Jason and Ethan seek shelter in a new Minecraft server that has its own enemies. Justin tries to bond with as many Brothers as he can find. Plus the HN Rescue Squad saves the day and let’s really fight a Sentinel. Night Force Action Report – The editorial video game… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Mario is Turning into a Clueless Jerk

I don’t know why I take Nintendo so personally, but there’s a special kind of angst that grows every time I go home and see my Wii U after Nintendo makes any announcements. Distracting myself with two of the SNES’s best games will only get you so far after you step on your fans, and… Continue reading

A Bunch of THQ Titles I’m Excited About Get Delayed!

WTF is all I can say in relation to the news that’s come across my metaphorical desk via PC Gamer: the release of some ultra cool games is getting pushed back! The games getting delayed include Metro: Last Light (now March 2013), Company of Heroes 2 (now March 2013) and SouthPark: The Stick of Truth… Continue reading

4A Games Rethinks Its Multiplayer Aspirations for Metro: Last Light

In a bit of news that should be quite a bit more common than it is, 4A Games has decided to stop work on the multiplayer portion of Metro: Last Light and put all of their effort into the single player. Apparently some E3 fan response was all it took to make the developer rethink including… Continue reading

E3 12: Third Party Party – The Cursed Checkpoint #e312d

All of the attention turns to the games of E3 2012 as Justin, Ethan, and Josh recap the Konami, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences. There are also plenty of other games to talk about outside of the conferences including the best looking game of E3. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on… Continue reading