Justins Game #102 – Chief Dragon Shovel Overdrive

Justin and Justin return and finally have a console in common again. Justin convinces Justin that digital cards may be worth playing with. Justin enjoys the chief’s company. Justin draws a violent line with the help of Justin’s definitions. Justins Game – Lacey and Gifford try to convince each other of the right opinions about games. It never… Continue reading

News and… The Lego Return of Bob-omb Battlefield

You have to understand that anything around the intro areas of Super Mario 64 still provokes a physical reaction from me. Therefore I might be overreacting to just another Lego recreation, but seeing Bob-omb Battlefield made my week. It just felt like home. It also reminded me that some of those worlds in Super Mario 64 aren’t… Continue reading

Inventory Check! Nice Day on the Mario Kart Bonus Beach with Benjamin Briggs

The last time I heard from Benjamin Briggs, he had me chilling out to some smooth Animal Crossing beats. His latest album though, not only tugs at the nostalgic strings of my gaming memories, but it will make you long for a nice ride on the beach. Mario Kart: Bonus Beach – “A Tropical Party Mix”… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue, Get Equipped Headline Pun Not Included

Capcom is celebrating the Blue Bomber’s 25th Anniversary with with a collectible statue of Mega Man himself. Standing 10 inches tall the statue also comes with USB powered lights on the base, helmet, and Mega Buster. Mega Man appears to be contemplating whether or not his new owner is an enemy or friend. Hopefully, Dr…. Continue reading

Horrible Times #401: The First One

And… we’re back. After a two week break Horrible Night returns in full force. We’ve got original editorials, podcasts, livestreams, reviews, previews, and gamer culture articles queued up and ready for eyeballs and earholes and any other holes in your face that you care to use. You’ll be hearing all about the video games we… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Mega Man Soundtrack Collection and Its E-Tank Need to Come Closer

Capcom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Mega Man by bringing together all of the music from Mega Man 1 through 10 in one package. A 10 CD set fittingly contained in an E-Tank. The catch is that the collection has only been announced for Japan so far. Maybe if enough of us allude to… Continue reading

Can Robots Be Trusted?

One of the first movies I remember watching as a child was Terminator, a sweet tale where a time traveling man-bot comes to the present to murder the mother of a future resistance leader. Despite maybe being a bit too young to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger murder his way through dozens of people, I learned a very… Continue reading

Gaming Crushes: Will They or Won’t They? – The Horrible Show #303 Live

Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Josh answer the important question about your favorite video game character pairings: Will they or won’t they? Zelda and Link, Samus and Metroids, Lance and Bill, and other couples you wouldn’t ask about. Send in your questions to ask@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of HorribleNight.com… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Abobo’s Big Adventure is a Beefcake Sandwich with a Side of Vengeance Fries

The interwebs have been exploding with previews, trailers and all around glee at the arrival of the NES love fest that is Abobo’s Big Adventure. Despite the NES being the system that helped launch my obsession with gaming, the gods of ethical journalism have warned me about simply following the hype and praising this game without any sort… Continue reading