Mega Headlines: VR Whip Unity

I definitely think we’ll look back at this year’s GDC as the coming out party for Virtual Reality. Sony brought it, but then I wasted my snarky comments about Microsoft’s attempt to jump in because I never could have predicted the GameFace. I’m also hoping that before the year is done, we’ll look back and… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Irrational Plays Act II

Something definitely seemed a bit off at Irrational Games towards the end of BioShock Infinite’s development. I’m guessing it wore Ken Levine down creatively and he has joined the ranks of other faces of the industry in taking a step back to more of an indie approach to his next project. It sucks that it… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Twitch Mac Truth

For a game that’s been in development for multiples seasons of the TV show it is based on, up until this week I still had no idea what the South Park: The Stick of Truth actually looked like in action. All the screenshots and videos just looked like cutscenes that could be confused for the… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Likeness Controller

Don’t get me wrong, EA Sports has done plenty of shady business in regards to utilizing the likenesses of athletes, but let’s not pretend like the NCAA has anything figured out about how to handle the marketing of its players, either. EA is smart to get out of the college game market until that is… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Sexy TV Citizen

I’m not going to label an entire country of designers as “man babies,” but Japanese game development could use a few new faces after the giggling FF13 team¬†added a cup to Lightning and now Hideo Kojima is adding more sexy to his MGS5 sniper. I don’t care how the game justifies it, today you continue… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Homeworld 22 No. 9

No one really knew what to make of Gearbox picking up the Homeworld license from THQ. Hell, no one really knows what to make of Gearbox outside of Borderlands these days. In a savvy and incredibly awesome gesture though, Gearbox reached out to the development team behind a spiritual successor to Homeworld and is going… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: 10 Handheld Carmacks

Curating the PAX 10 cannot be an easy task these days as quality indie games are released on a monthly if not weekly basis. This year’s crop already has a game of the year contender for me personally, plus a sequel to one of the best puzzle platformers I’ve ever played. Nintendo should probably find… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Rekickstarted Buy Out Reversal

The best part about all of these Microsoft policy reversals, is that MS actually fixing obvious errors prior to the Xbox One’s release, reputation be damned. It may not totally right the ship or instill confidence in the company, but they are going to move more Xbox One’s this holiday season and getting off to… Continue reading

Mega Headlines: Double Cube Dog Day

Heads had to roll after Microsoft’s E3 and its policy reversal, but so many things are changing at MS these days it is hard to say if the head of Xbox, Don Mattrick, leaving for Zynga was in the works even before E3. Regardless, I don’t know how you jump in with gusto onto Zynga’s… Continue reading