Mail This: Invade Already!

Dear Malevolent Interstellar Invaders, Whether you’re an insectiform hive intent on wiping out any and all competitors, a reptilian dynastic empire driven to conquer and enslave all life, or synthetic super-collective whose prime directive is to assimilate intelligent life everywhere in a quest for god-hood… would you hurry up and invade already? Look, I know that… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Characters Without Character

There’s a reason not every game allows you to customize your character or even create one from scratch. Video games’ icons may have been made before gamers’ had the option of creating their own versions. However, some games are much more engrossing for those personal touches you can throw on your avatar. So where is… Continue reading

Gaming Connoisseur: Location, Location, Location

Games have always given players the ability to travel to distant, imaginary lands to take part in activities uncommon to a normal person’s day to day routine. As realism has increased in gaming, so have the locations, to a point where we now have the ability to fight alien invaders or giant insects in locations… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Is Single Player Dying?

Companies like Valve have started talking about moving away from single player experiences all together and combined with the recent episodes of the “internets collapsing” (PSN), do you think multiplayer games will still take over in the near future? Rob I really don’t think the PSN debacle will have much of an impact at all…. Continue reading

Does March 2011 Matter? – The Horrible Show 040611

News fight! Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Gifford find more than a few headlines worth discussing from last month, but do any of them matter? 3DS, Resident Evil, THQ, PAX East, cannibals, and others get the attention they rightfully deserve. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow So what exactly happened in the video game… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Grown Up Gaming Rules

Addictive games are infecting The Cursed lately, and before an intervention is staged we thought a good cure would be to take a look at the gaming rules instituted in our homes. This week we are joined by JDevL, Colefacekilla, Wizardtrain187, GiffTor, Robeque, Coopopolopolis, and EndlessBen. JDevL My rules are pretty self-imposed at this point,… Continue reading