Hey! Watch! PlayStation Lore in a Minute (and 21 Seconds)

Gaming history buffs will remember the ironic fact that Nintendo helped create one of its greatest adversaries, the PlayStation. Thanks to the Sony Playstation Lore in a Minute video, I found another bit of irony that rubs a bit more salt into some Nintendo scars. Namely that when Nintendo suddenly dropped Sony from its potential disc… Continue reading

Kid and Play: Mario is Still Magic

Up until this most recent holiday season, I would have said that of the 3 people living in our home that I was the only gamer. So, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was that my girlfriend took an interest in my Wii U purchase. New Super Mario Bros. U has hooked her and… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! 3D 8-Bit Time Lapse Mario Chalk Art

I’ve seen some dizzying street art before, but I’ve always been interested to see how 3D artwork gets made on the street level. Leave it to Mario to show me the way. Well, more specifically, Chris Carlson, the artist behind this chalk art Mario piece that literally leaps off of the ground. Chris spent around 11… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Mario and Dali Brothers in Surreality?

Whenever I think of Salvador Dali, I immediately think of Super Mario Bros. and vice versa. That is probably the most untrue sentence I have written on this website. However, after watching this video from the PBS web hub, The Idea Channel, connecting those two mustachioed gentlemen isn’t that far off base. I remember having… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Super Mario 3D Land

I know one business I’m never getting into: plumbing. Sure it could lead to getting your own reality show on ghost hunting but is it worth dealing with the waste of humans on a day to day basis? Oh, and there’s always the outside chance you’ll be sucked into a drain, flushed away to some… Continue reading

Mail This: I Need a Hero

Dear “Heroes”, I’m writing you today because most of you are boring and you don’t even know it. Although I’m cc-ing Commanders John and Jane Shepard and Agent Denton, I’m not berating them because they are nothing more than meat puppets for the gamer to control; their development does nothing more than ape the gamer’s adopted… Continue reading