Jury Finds EA Liable for Stealing Plays from Madden Programmer

So this story actually popped up almost two weeks ago, but because the only areas of the law that I get really excited about (mostly) aren’t the areas I practice in, I wanted to take a minute to digest the filings that I could get my hands on (one of them is redacted all to hell… Continue reading

In Gaming We Trust: What Exactly are Online Passes?

I posed a question on Twitter asking my friends and followers “What do you love/hate about online passes?” The results I got were quite interesting. I was met with general distrust in online passes. I also encountered the occasional Twitter user who did not know what online passes were. The interesting thing is no one really… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Fix Online Multiplayer: Part 2

Last week we focused on the social aspect of online multiplayer. This week our focus is centered on the state of downloadable content (DLC). Will a subscription based model appear in the future or will we still get map packs and extra content ever couple of months after a game is released? Read on to… Continue reading