Spoiler Alert: Dear, Dear Esther – The Cursed Checkpoint #107

One thing is for sure about Dear Esther, after you experience it, you are going to want to talk to others that have, too. Justin, Ethan, and Josh try to figure out if they saw what they thought they saw. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about… Continue reading

The Downloads Aren’t Done This Year: Trine 2, Joe Danger XBLA, Stranger’s Wrath

Silly game purchaser, you thought Mega Release Fall had ended and you were safe? Think again: there are more quality games headed to a downloadable service near you before the end of the year yet. Trine 2 the fantasy action multiplayer platformer (FAMP?) is already available on Steam for Mac and PC users. The first… Continue reading

The Binding of Isaac Review by Isaac

I never really suspected my mom of mental illness but I guess anyone can go a little nutty when they spend their days watching Christian zealots validate their hate through God’s wrath. I always thought the Bible was about helping people and being a solid person, so when mom started hearing the voice of God,… Continue reading

Portal Answers Enduring Questions

Last August I wrote a news article about Professor Michael Abbott, a teacher at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN. He had pitched teaching a class in the Enduring Questions course every student at the college is required to take. One of the themes associated with the Enduring Questions course asks the question “Who am I?”… Continue reading

Portal Retro Review: See Me Staring Right Back At Me

When Portal was released as part of the Orange Box compilation in 2007, the average gamer didn’t quite know what to expect. Sure, everyone had read the previews and early reviews of the game, but would a first person shooter/puzzle game conglomeration actually be fun? After a brief flirtation with the Mac version when new… Continue reading

Revenge of the Titans Review: Neither Remembering nor Clashing

I love tower defense games for their simplicity (I’m a very simple man, except of course for the complex brain irregularities I possess), but after a while they start looking and playing exactly the same.  Revenge of the Titans caught my attention for its unique look, but it was its interesting mix of RTS and tower… Continue reading

New Civilization V Map Pack DLC Doesn’t Make Sense

Those of you that were distracted this past weekend with all the awesome Steam deals may have missed the release of more Civilization V content.  Titled “Cradle of Civilization” each pack includes levels based on real world locations, all designed by Firaxis (the team behind Civilization V). The 4 maps (Mediterranean, Asia, Americas, Mesopotamia) are priced… Continue reading

Steam is a Gaming Buffet

There are two ways one can look at a restaurant buffet, a light side and dark side of mass eating if you will. On one hand a buffet offers variety and quantity in a very convenient location. Most people leave a buffet satisfied, perhaps even acquiring a taste for foods they’d never experienced before. On… Continue reading