SimCity Finally Gets an Official Release Date

EA has officially announced SimCity will release on March 8, 2013 for PC and Mac. Though originally thought to be released in February, I’m quite happy with this news as I look forward to becoming overlord mayor of many “denisims of Atchville (trademark pending)”. EA hasn’t officially given a reason for releasing the game in March instead of… Continue reading

Steam Greenlight Initiates $100 Submittal Donation

Steam Greenlight launched last week to combat Valve’s growing problem of getting games approved games for Steam. Steam Greenlight is a crowdsourcing solution that allows Steam members to vote up/down game submissions to the service. Upon logging into the service for the first day, we noticed a few issues. My first scan of the submissions… Continue reading

A Mother’s Inferno Game Curious Video: Something Heavy Approaches

Craving a genuine horror experience, the trailer for A Mother’s Inferno sold Josh and I on the game immediately. The fact that this indie title is free makes it a must-play. Created by a 17 student team from the Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU), A Mother’s Inferno is a trippy train ride to hell through the eyes… Continue reading

Gamer’s Journey: Going to Hell with Diablo III Part 1: Back to Computer Gaming

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Diablo III. It’s arguably the biggest release of the year so far (notice I said arguably Mass Effect 3 fans). I have been pretty meh about the hype surrounding this game but I was never really that interested in the series as a whole. I remember watching friends play Diablo and Diablo II on many… Continue reading

Lone Survivor Review: The Legend of Sleepy Cat

Some experiences are straight-forward, sometimes beating you over the head with how obvious the world around you truly is. Then there is Lone Survivor, where appearances deceive from multiple angles and questioning the situation becomes a regular occurrence. Created by Jasper Byrne, this indie survival horror adventure returns to a time where genre descriptions were… Continue reading

Dungeon Defenders with DLC Recoil Review: The Loot Keeps Coming

Back in October, I got sucked into the action/RPG/tower defense game Dungeon Defenders. While my dedication to the game ebbed and flowed throughout the jam-packed insanity of Epic Release Fall and the subsequent holiday season, it’s been a great game to fall back on and I’ve been happy to see that Trendy Entertainment has kept… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Lone Survivor

Sometimes you wake up and realize the world around you has changed. Whether it’s a freak natural disaster, the election of a new public official or the effects of a fast spreading disease, things that were once familiar and safe are now foreign and perhaps even dangerous.  You could wait around until things go back to normal, but inaction has… Continue reading

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 goes 16-Bit RPG Thanks to Zeboyd

The first two episodes of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness generated some of the biggest laughs I’ve had with gaming in recent years. Humor is tough to get right in video games, but a game based an a satirical gaming industry-focused comic strip definitely has an advantage. The games themselves are… Continue reading