News and… The Lego Return of Bob-omb Battlefield

You have to understand that anything around the intro areas of Super Mario 64 still provokes a physical reaction from me. Therefore I might be overreacting to just another Lego recreation, but seeing Bob-omb Battlefield made my week. It just felt like home. It also reminded me that some of those worlds in Super Mario 64 aren’t… Continue reading

Hey! Help! Epic Mario Lego Project

LEGO based video game projects are pretty widespread these days as you can search online to find just about any iconic character or item rendered with everyone’s favorite building blocks. Zachary Pollock is dreaming a bit bigger with his LEGO project and he needs some Kickstarter help to make it happen. Zach’s goal is to… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! LEGO Metal Slug Tank

I’m not sure what is more impressive about this video, the bad ass Metal Slug-inspired LEGO tank or the way Mahj, the creator, filmed it sliding and spinning around a skate park.  Either way you gotta respect the skills and creativity. After all, I can’t build any a recognizable LEGO vehicle without detailed instructions. The… Continue reading

The Citadel in LEGO (Mass Effect)

LEGO artwork never ceases to amaze me, but even more impressive is when someone goes to the lengths to create something that doesn’t physically exist. Catsy CSF took it upon himself to create The Citadel from the Mass Effect series in LEGO form. This means he had to study and interpret the limited views available… Continue reading

Arcade Cabinet Built Out of LEGO

Like most gamers, I’ve gotten the urge to build my own arcade cabinet quite a few times, but in the end I just settled with modding my Wii. One enterprising individual took the custom arcade concept a little further and built one entirely out of LEGO. Well, I salute you sir. Sources: Destructoid (More Pics)