Horrible Video Game Podcast #101 – Episode Resolution

Jason helps Justin kick off a new Horrible Night podcast with the latest in old Star Wars video games. Zombies, nuclear thrones, the grimmest of fandangos show up before GTA gets delayed and Telltale turns to TV. Plus a Nintendotoaster. Horrible Video Game Podcast – Justin wants to know what his guest has been playing and has some… Continue reading

Gen Con 2012: Recap for Video Gamers – The Cursed Checkpoint #121

“The Best Four Days in Gaming” took over Indianapolis from Aug 16-19. As first timers to Gen Con, Justin and Ethan managed to find some great intros to a variety of game genres while Josh played just about everything as much as possible. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and… Continue reading

Gamer’s Journey: The Rewards of Going Indie: Part One – Accidentally Breaking New Ground

by with Comments Off on Gamer’s Journey: The Rewards of Going Indie: Part One – Accidentally Breaking New Ground

I’ve always been an exploratory gamer both inside the games themselves and outside as I try to find new gaming experiences as often as possible. That’s why this generation of games has been so exciting. Thanks to digital distribution and an increase in gaming platforms there are more games readily available than ever before. Of… Continue reading

Games of April by Popular Demand

As with the beginning of any quarter, April is full of hits and misses. At first glance it’s looking like the real stars may turn out to be the downloadable titles and games that have landed on new platforms for new life. We’ve listed off the major releases of the month and our writers have… Continue reading

Legend of Grimrock Opens Its Dungeons on April 11th

Finnish indie developer Almost Human’s throwback RPG Legend of Grimrock has a release date, shiny new trailer and a pre-order discount: Fans of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, mark April 11th down as a sick day. Legend of Grimrock looks like a proper modern RPG from the screenshots, but when you see it in action… Continue reading