Kid and Play: Mario is Still Magic

Up until this most recent holiday season, I would have said that of the 3 people living in our home that I was the only gamer. So, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was that my girlfriend took an interest in my Wii U purchase. New Super Mario Bros. U has hooked her and… Continue reading

Kid and Play: Fruit Ninja Kinect (Slice)

On Christmas Day, my wife presented me with an unexpected gift: Kinect. While it’s been out for some time, and many “hardcore” gamers loathe it entirely, I had it on my list, but because budgets usually come into play, I really didn’t suspect I’d be getting the device. I thought the Kinect, with two young… Continue reading

Kid and Play: Plants vs. Zombies Co-op with my Son

Today I’m introducing a new series to IGWT: Kid and Play. No, it’s not about the visceral Chucky doll, it’s about getting involved as a parent with your child in video games. I’m sure adult gamers have visions of playing co-op with their children much like most dads seem to envision playing catch in the backyard…. Continue reading