Mega Man Creator Agrees with Fish about State of Japanese Game Development

Phil Fish may have insulted Japan’s entire game industry by honestly disclosing his opinion on the suckiness of Japanese gaming, but it appears as if he has a not so unlikely ally in Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man. Speaking to Wired, Inafune talked about the state of Japanese gaming and commented that what  Fish said was “very severe, but very honest.” He went on… Continue reading

How About Sequels to River City Ransom and Super Dodge Ball

Last week, I read the fantastic news that Miracle Kidz will be releasing a sequel to River City Ransom on the Japanese WiiWare service this summer. I was immediately excited for the potential of a U.S. release to my favorite brawler of the NES era. However, I couldn’t help but think if you are already… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Fallout 3 Demake

I’ve always loved the idea of remaking an old school game with new school technology, but this recent trend of reversing that formula may actually interest me more. Bethesda recently jumped on board with this idea for their Japanesse website, creating a demake of Fallout 3 with NES Final Fantasy style graphics and gameplay mechanics.  It’s… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Famicom Skate Park

For some unknown reason I’ve watched a few fingerboarding videos over the past couple of days. While I don’t really understand the point, they are entertaining. The amount of work involved in producing one of these videos is ridiculous and the amount of time it takes for someone to get good at using your fingers… Continue reading